New Hampshire Adoption FAQ

The best way to find out about private adoption is to make an appointment for a consultation with Attorney Hall Palmieri. There is an hourly consultation rate of $250.00. A consultation will take approximately an hour to an hour and half and the conversation is wide-ranging and covers all possible options available to a couple or an individual seeking to adopt.

The first meeting is more like a seminar on all the options available to families seeking to expand.

Is it possible to adopt a child in the United States?
Yes. In fact the number of domestic adoptions is currently increasing. Attorney Hall Palmieri has been involved in many domestic local adoptions as well as interstate adoptions within the United States.

Margaret Hall represents adoptive parents and birth parents in domestic adoptions.
Attorney Hall has been involved in hundreds of domestic local adoptions as well as interstate adoptions within the United States.

Can a birth parent change his or her mind and take the baby back at any time?
In New Hampshire, adoption is very safe. A birth parent is not permitted to surrender parental rights sooner than 72 hours after the birth of the baby. Once the Surrender is signed by both birth parents, the birth parents' rights are irrevocably terminated and the adoption will be finalized at the end of six months.

What if a birth father does not sign?
It is not necessary for a safe adoption for a birth father to sign a Surrender. "Notice" rules within the adoption statute dictate that the rights of the birth father are terminated at the time the birth mother surrenders her parental rights voluntarily in court.

These questions leave a lot of unanswered "what if" questions for each individual situation. You may find more information about adoption on the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys website. The best thing to do is schedule a meeting with Attorney Palmieri and she will go through all your what if questions.

How do I make an appointment for an online consultation
or get more information about adoption?

Please call 603 673-8323 or contact us online.

Margaret Hall has over twenty-five years representing children's interests in NH adoptions.
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