Adoption in New Hampshire

A Track Record of Success

Anne-Marie Hall Palmieri represents adoptive parents and birth parents in domestic adoptions. As an adopted child herself, she has been on the forefront in the scores of successful adoptions in New Hampshire. Her clients have praised her in the highest terms and many have adopted more than one child.

Her concern and care for her clients has made her very successful at understanding and meeting the needs of adopting parents and birth mothers and other family members involved in the adoption process. She is also able to work with foster families as they transition to adoption.

Margaret Hall represents adoptive parents and birth parents in domestic adoptions.

This free Building Your Family: 2016 Donor, Surrogacy, and Adoption Guide digital download provides 60+ pages of practical expert advice that you may find very helpful. It also includes a listing of donor, surrogacy, and adoption professionals.

Attorney Hall Palmieri has a busy on-going adoption practice and finds frequently she can place more new born babies than she has families. It is simply not true that there are very few domestic US adoptions or that it takes years to get matched and adopt a baby. Some of Attorney Hall Palmieri's clients, after meeting her for the first time, meet again within just a few weeks or months with the baby who has been placed safely in their home.

Hand in hand with adoption is the fast growing field of Assisted Reproductive Technology. Attorney Palmieri has been building a solid foundation in this field as well for clients who are able and willing to use reproductive technologies.

30 Years Representing Children's Interests

Margaret Hall is devoted to promoting adoptions in New Hampshire.

Attorney Anne-Marie Hall Palmieri and her mother, Attorney Margaret C. Hall, now retired, have been involved in children's interests for the last 30 years. They have represented children through many transitions, especially during difficult family separations.

Attorney Palmieri has a special interest and expertise in adoption. She follows in the footsteps of her mother, Attorney Margaret C. Hall, who was one of the leaders in helping to foster the current climate for adoption in New Hampshire until her retirement from the bar at the end of 2020.

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Margaret Hall has over twenty-five years representing children's interests in NH adoptions.
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