An Exciting Announcement!

We are excited to announce Attorney Anne-Marie Hall Palmieri's new website, marking a significant transition in New Hampshire's adoption practice. After 39 years of distinguished service in Milford, Attorney Margaret Cunnane Hall has retired, passing the torch to her daughter, Anne-Marie.

Graduating from New England Law in Boston in 2015, Anne-Marie brings her experience and passion for adoption and family law to continue her mother's legacy. Visit to discover more about Anne-Marie's dedication to guiding families through their adoption journey.


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Anne-Marie has worked for five years in her mother’s law practice, where she has represented both birth mothers and adoptive families in many successful adoptions.

Attorney Palmieri followed in her mother’s footsteps and attended New England Law in Boston, graduating in 2015. Attorney Palmieri has always had a soft spot for children and adoption and is excited to continue her mother’s work in the fields of adoption and family law.

Attorney Anne-Marie Hall Palmieri graduated from Suffolk University with honors in 2008 with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Political Science. She attended New England Law and was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar and New Hampshire Bar in November of 2015.

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