Resolving Differences - Does It Have to Be a Battle?

Depending on the level of disagreement between the spouses, there is a variety of ways to approach a divorce. The choice you make can significantly affect the amount of control you have over your divorce decisions, as well as the time and expense involved. Attorney Hall is experienced in all of these legal approaches to divorce.

Litigation - If you and your spouse are completely unable to agree on issues, such as sharing time with the children, child support, legal decisions about children; whether one person is at fault, then the only resolution is to ask put your case before a Family Court Judge. He/She will issue orders and you will be stuck with that outcome. You will need legal counsel to address the complicated process of executing a contested divorce.

Mediation - Marital mediation is now a required first step in all but the most contentious divorces. It has become an integral part of and fully embraced by the Court in divorce cases. You can either choose to appear together with a private mediator or the court will issue an order that mandates one or two mediation sessions with a certified mediator appointed by the court. These sessions are at Court appointed reduced rates for one or two sessions only. In mediation you do not need to be represented by an Attorney, but if you do not have an Attorney, it is strongly recommended that both parties have the mediated paperwork reviewed by an Attorney and the necessary files prepared by an Attorney. To learn more about Atty. Hall's mediation practice, click here.

Collaborative Law - Unlike in mediation, in collaborative law both parties agree to meet, with their attorneys present, and negotiate the issues without resorting to court. Attorney Hall has been trained as a collaborative lawyer and is a member of the Collaborative Law Alliance. To learn more about Atty. Hall's collaborative law practice, click here.

Uncontested Divorce - If you have reached your own agreement there are a number of ways to finalize the divorce. You may both appear pro se, which means you are representing yourselves without a lawyer. There is information for pro se parties on the New Hampshire Bar Association website. Or one of the parties may be represented by an Attorney and the other appears pro se. Attorney Hall is happy to review your agreement to ensure that it satisfies the court requirements, and will communicate with the pro se spouse, in writing.

A litigated divorce can run in excess of $10,000.00 or even more, whereas arriving at a settlement through mediation or collaborative law may be $3000.00 - $5000.00.

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