Divorce and Parenting (Custody) in New Hampshire

The field of family law is constantly changing. To protect your rights and fully understand your obligations when your family is facing separation and divorce you need an experienced and tested family-law attorney.

Attorney Margaret Hall has had over 25 years of experience as a divorce attorney. Wherever possible she attempts to resolve differences without involving the courts, and to divide assets and make Parenting Plans for the children without resorting to litigation. However in some cases litigation is necessary. Attorney Hall will then present the case to a judge in a confident and careful manner.

There are instances where Court Orders are necessary and Attorney Hall can move quickly to obtain Ex Parte (emergency) Orders where circumstances are such that someone, adult or child, may be irrevocably harmed.

Attorney Margaret Hall has had over 25 years of experience assisting families facing separation and divorce.

Click here for more information about the divorce process and parenting options in New Hampshire. Click here for a discussion of the various methods you and your spouse can use to resolve differences during your divorce.

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