Guardianship - Adult and Minor

There are different kinds of Guardianship cases in New Hampshire.

Adult Incapacitated Guardianship

This kind of Guardianship is usually necessary when a loved one has reached the point where they can no longer function on their own.

If the proposed ward (the incapacitated adult) cannot take care of themselves they need someone else to help them make decisions or make decisions for them. If they do not have a NH Advance Directive (see the Wills page) a Guardianship will be necessary. The proposed Guardian files a Petition with the Probate Court and requests permission to make necessary decisions for the proposed Ward.

Attorney Hall handles adult guardianship cases with experience and compassion.

Attorney Hall has represented many proposed Wards at the request of the Court and continues to take these cases. In addition Attorney Hall represents families making decisions about a parent, grand-parent, aunt, uncle, or even an 18 year old with developmental and emotional disabilities. No decisions can be made by relatives or others without a Court sanctioned Guardianship.

Minor Guardianships

There are many reasons why family members and non-family friends agree to Guardianship of a Minor.

Many times there are reasons a parent cannot take care of their child. They may have criminal issues, drug-related issues, and illness, deployment with the military, abuse and neglect allegations which require family to step in to take the child instead of the child being placed in foster care.

Attorney Hall has represented families in all of the above described situations.

Guardianship is frequently used by grandparents or step parents to allow a child to be covered on their health insurance.

If a child needs to be accepted into a specific school system a Guardianship is required.

There are many reasons to establish guardianship of a minor child. Attorney Margaret Cunnane Hall has years of experience in guardianship cases and welcomes your questions.

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